To set-up a password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint or facial recognition:

  1. Go to Settings and look for the passcode, security or lock screen feature.
  2. Set-up a password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint or facial recognition. You may also have additional options (quick lock or password protected apps).


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Don't Hack Your Phone

Don’t jailbreak, root or override the security settings on your device.

Stay Up To Date

Keep your operating system updated to protect against cyber vulnerabilities.

Trusted Apps Only

Research apps to make sure they are trustworthy and don’t click on suspicious links.

Get Extra Info

Download your prepaid carrier’s mobile app to stay up to date on any security updates and alerts

Safeguard your information

If someone calls or texts you and asks for personal information (i.e. social security, bank account, driver’s license #’s) do not provide it even if the communication appears to be from a trusted entity. Always call your financial institution or go online to check for scams and to verify whether a request is legitimate.

Always Verify

If the caller or text claims to be from a business you are familiar with, call that business using a number you trust, such as the number on your bill, in a phone book or on the company’s website.

If you find that the caller or text is fraudulent, you can report the incident on the Federal Trade Commission’s website. Once you have reported it, just delete the text.

To prevent receiving calls or texts from that number, you can block it. On most Androids, the number can be blocked from the recent calls when selected and the text can be blocked when selecting the three-dot menu from the top right of the screen. On most iPhones, to block the number from the recent calls tap the “i” symbol and to block the text, tap “info” twice on the text message.

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Choose a strong password

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Keep in mind that longer is generaly staronger (6-16 characters)

Use characters from 3 of these categories: Uppercase letters , lowercase letters, numbers, special characters(!,$,ect)

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Create easy to guess password using your family names, pets names or barth dates

Use complete names wors in in your password

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Change it up to keet it secure

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Consider changing passwords on a routine basics (every 90 to 180 days in recommended)

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Reuse passwords: Don't reuse any of the last 10 password you've already used. (Hint:To create a new one, add numbers, special characters or additional letters to a previous password.)

Avoid reusing passwords and user names you are using with other accounts when possible