Welcome to the Verizon family!

We’re excited to announce TracFone Wireless, Inc. and all our brands are now a part of the Verizon family.

Now you’ll be able to enjoy your affordable wireless service on Verizon’s reliable network. Verizon’s 4G LTE network covers 327 million people and over 99% of the US population1.

The 5G network will change everything! With ultra-fast speeds, ultra low latency and massive capacity, the network more people rely on is building the most powerful 5G experience for America.

1 Based on 9.15.2019 U.S. Census population data.

What is it about?

You will continue to enjoy your wireless service and do not need to take any action until we notify you. We will also post any deadlines for the transition on this page. Don't forget to check back to stay updated.

We will contact you when there is an opportunity for you to transition to receive service over Verizon's network. If you require a new device or SIM card for the transition, we will make a compatible one available to you at no cost.

We will provide you with clear instructions on any steps you will need to take. Keeping your account updated is important, please make sure to provide the email address you want to use to get your notifications and updates about the transition and your service.

Want to check if you can transition to the Verizon network right now? Just text MIGRATE to 611611 and you will be able to check your eligibility or status of your request.

We will continue to provide the service that you've come to rely on!

View Our Plans

We are always looking to update and enhance our service plan offers. If you wish to move to a new plan with better benefits, you can!

You can also stay on a plan that TracFone offered prior to being acquired by Verizon until at least November 23, 2024. If you wish to purchase any of these plans, please call the toll-free 800 number for your wireless service brand.

Total Wireless

Runs on the nation’s largest, most dependable 5G network, so you can have the confidence that your phone will always work, no matter where you are.

Straight Talk

5G starting at $35 on the nation's largest and most dependable network. Available exclusively at Walmart and Straight Talk

Net 10

Enjoy wireless your way with 5G Nationwide coverage on America’s largest and most dependable network.


Now with 5G Nationwide coverage on America's largest networks. Choose the no-contract plan that’s right for you with unlimited carryover data to stay in control.


A Lifeline supported service, serving eligible households with free talk, text and data. To participate, certain eligibility requirements must be met.

Simple Mobile

America’s Simplest Wireless Service With Unlimited Talk & Text, Plus High Speed Data, Starting At $25 On A Nationwide 5G Network.

Walmart Family Mobile

Value and savings: It's everything you love about Walmart in wireless! Stay connected with family and friends with nationwide 5G coverage.

Go Smart Mobile

No-Contract, 30-day Service Plans Starting At $15 On A Nationwide Network.

Page Plus

Mobile pre-paid plans with nationwide coverage. Bring your own phone or purchase one of ours and pay as you go.


Built for Business. Our 30-day smartphone plans include unlimited talk, text, and data on America's most reliable 5G Network.


We keep you connected wherever you want to go.

Explore Verizon 5G and 4G LTE network coverage in your area Verizon Coverage Map.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with great service over the Verizon network. Just ask the millions of TracFone customers who we have served using the Verizon network for years. If we contact you to switch to the Verizon network and you choose not to do so, know

that there are other service providers in your area. If you do not know the network over which your TracFone service is currently being provided, contact us at the number set forth below and we can share that information with you.

Contact Us

Feel free to call us for any questions related to the transition to the Verizon network.

California Residents


Transition Hotline